Am I the ONLY Sky Mall fanatic?

Boarding a plane is a mix of emotions: excitement for the destination, worry/sadness about what you're leaving behind, annoyance with travel, eagerness to relax and veg on the plane... I sit in my seat and try my hardest to fully build the anticipation (some might say climax?) towards the single greatest thing about flying.

I LOVE THE SKY MALL CATALOGS that are stuck in each seat pocket. This trip was the first time that I've taken them up on the offer to take a catalog home with you. Why not? It is the only time in my life that I find something BRILLIANT, CLEVER, and TOTALLY ORIGINAL on every page of a magazine.

I have yet to purchase anything, but I do believe that the time has come. Will it be the portable AND inflatable whirlpool spa for $899.95, the Underwater Light Show for a pool (a great Christmas present for a certain mother-in-law of mine!!), the Cookie Diet Kit (I could have sworn that I invented that idea), jewelry, home decor, furniture, clever gadgets.... the list is endless!

Tell me, am I the only one that things these magazines are entertaining and the items are enticing?

(In case you don't travel, but need to do some shopping: http://www.skymall.com/)

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  1. Jules,
    As you may or may not know my dad is a regular on planes. One Christmas he decided to do all of his shopping for my mom via sky mall. It did NOT end well. SOOOOOO she got a new car for her birthday(which is December 27th) The moral of my story: While the items may SEEM like the perfect gift, they probably aren't!


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