What a relief

Each day I get my news from a trusted news source: yahoo's pics of the day. I know I sometimes seem too scholarly and intimidate you little people, so please don't feel bad about yourself for relying on other news mediums. If you're not familiar with it, every day my yahoo homepage shows me 3 or 4 photos- the most emailed photos of the day. Today's photo caption has cured me of nightmares, my fear of anything scary or evil, and my unease with sleeping alone. It reads: "A pet rabbit in Australia was credited with saving its owners Thursday after scratching at the door of their bedroom as their home burned, emergency workers said(AFP/Christian Puygrenier)"

If Peanut (the baby bunny we just adopted and who I placed in Jake's fenced in herb garden for the entire day... you can imagine his reaction... "oops" says the good intentioned, yet sarcastic wife) wasn't so cute, this piece of news would have been all it took to convince me to keep her :)

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