Tales of a foiled crafter

As you know, I am constantly trying to up-my-game as a wanna-be housewife (I say wanna-be because I'm currently working part-time and work full-time during the school year). Last night's dinner was spaghetti, that's it. No garlic bread, no salad, no wine. Just spaghetti. Fortunately, today is Saturday which means my weekly trek to the Farmer's Market. So tonight we have fresh bread, Julie-made blueberry cobbler (I'm predicting another cooking blog with that recipe!), garlic marinated tilapia, and squash or salad.

Since pretty pretty princess Jake (that just sounds good and I can't stop saying it!) sleeps during the day, he wears eye covers. Not just any eye covers, but the free ones you get on airplanes. His current rotation of 3 eye covers originates from our trip to Germany for Christmas of '07! Yes, they are nasty.

SUZIE HOMEMAKER TO THE RESCUE! Last night with 3 attempts and 2 completed projects, I was one proud wifey this morning when Jake got home. Unfortunately, I miscalculated his bird-sized head and made them TOO tight (it really is quite small). The biggest mistake was the silky one which I filled with a blend of lavender, orris root (my favorite!), rose, and flax seed. It is SO overstuffed! When he put it on, he lovingly said "it's so full that it presses down on my nostrils... so at least the smell is muffled". Should've gone with my first impulse which was to add more flax seed so that the smell was fainter. We'll see what happens tonight ;)


  1. can't you add a pic? I'm curious how they look. :-)

  2. hey-
    my sister in law is moving up there...she's a speech pathologist and is teaching in mcminville (sp?)... anyway..she and her husband are having a hard time finding a place to live (they have two malamutes) in mcminville/salem area. do you have any connections or any suggestions? and can i have her email you if she has questions about things there? let me know... lizzythebotanist at hotmail

  3. Awe! Well first run is always the trial:) Good luck with them! Maybe once you have them mastered I'll commission you to make me a pair;) PS I still love my over priced heache pillow!

  4. Shannon, now that I have the sewing machine, silky materials, and flax seed- I could make you another migrane pillow in about 10 minutes ;) Though it wouldn't have scents or come with a lesson on posture!

  5. :) He was good! He got me hook line and sinker!


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