a tad sexy

There were no clients tonight, so I got to chat and hang-out with my coworkers at the Psych Crisis Center. Throughout the conversations I learned a lot about how I'm perceived:

"I thought you were a conservative Christian."

"You are always so stylish."

"And a tad sexy."

WHAT??? Clearly I am an alien to myself! I see myself through the eyes of my college friends who described my style and mannerisms as "Danny Tanner". I'm glad I'm seen as wholesome, but the conservative Christian line pretty much means close-minded nerd. (It was my Supervisor who said that and I promptly began swearing as much as possible to get rid of that impression.)

Anyway, I know I'm a dork, I dress like a dork and clearly give a dork impression, but for a few seconds today, I also felt stylish and that was nice.

Perhaps my wardrobe of all white or black shirts is a little hipper than I thought ;)


  1. I love the 'tad sexy' comment. What does that mean, exactly?
    Anyway, it's a great one!

  2. Ha! That was said by a female collegeaue who quickly looked embarrassed :) I was wearing a skirt and she was referencing my legs- just cause their long doesn't mean they're sexy, but she is short and so we decided that was where she was coming from :)


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