Man-eating plant

Jake and Shannon swear that it is another Julie-ism, but I'm pretty that sure I saw a man-eating plant today at the Portland Saturday Market. It was right next to the insect-eating plants that trap their prey by either closing their jaw OR by trapping the insect in the open cylindrical stem and when the fly goes down to investigate- it's STUCK! BRILLIANT Ms. Mother Nature! Anyway, they sold man-eating plants too... I remember.

So, Shannon (old friend originally through Lutherlyn) is here for ten days of Jake and Julie adventures. In the past she and I have gone on many adventures that involve singing in the car, drinking at a campfire, hiking, climbing, and lounging in the wilderness. She and I spent last night in Portland, enjoyed wings and jaeger bombs, watched the fireworks, and enjoyed spending time with my Portland friend, Lauren. Today we purchased hippie paraphernalia at the Portland Saturday Market and then organic groceries at the Salem Saturday Market. A perfect crunchy start to her first trip to Oregon.

Shannon and Jake seem to have an unspoken agreement that some of my thoughts are nonsensical. It's a conspiracy. Well, I'll get back at them somehow as we tube down a river, climb Smith Rocks, and explore all of the ecotones from here to Bend over the next few days. If you happen to speak to either of them- they're lying if it sounds like I am anything less than an intelligent, sophisticated woman.

AHHH...they're talking about OIL! I just heard the phrase "misallocation of resources". GET ME OUT OF HERE! Does anyone want to escape with me and go on a hunt to find a man-eating plant?


  1. Nah, there aren't any man-eating plants. That pic that you stole for the top- those are pitcher plants. I taught about them when I taught 3rd grade in AK.
    Good luck on your hunt, though. Invite Snow White and Harry Potter- they always found the nastiest trees. :-)


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