I wanna talk about ME

I figured out why I love blogging, but not journaling. My chosen profession involves a lot of sitting, listening, and being empathetic. This is my way of getting my own voice heard (even if it's just my mom and sis reading- thanks!). Actually, it's me that needs to hear my own voice and to tell my own stories.

On our vacation, I was on an anti-social mission. I cold-shouldered the friendly people at the neighboring campsites and avoided the nice lady with a baby on the ferry who kept trying to start a conversation. Seriously, I avoided her. I put her on the elevator and then "decided" that there wasn't enough room for me and my huge bag. Then when she found me, I pretended not to see her and ran away.

Who am I? Though I always want to make new friends and hear about the lives of my old friends, I'm no longer into the social small talk. I know that it's because I hear people's stories all day (or night) long. And that's great- it's a gift to have people open up and share their innermost thoughts and demons. But, after I check-out on my time card, my ears are closed to strangers! In fact, I'm on-call right now... so I made $2.50 while writing this blog. So, I've come full circle and I'm getting paid while hearing only my own voice!


  1. I agree. It is fun to type in our stories. I think for our generation, typing is so much easier and faster than writing. But- you did't really answer your first question:
    WHY do you like blogging, but not journaling?
    love you!
    Your diligently-reading sister.

  2. I only blog because you do, you trend setter.

    Personally, though, I had trouble chatting with folks because I got married and even more when the kids were born. Priorities change. Don't get me wrong. I can talk now just as much as I used to, if not more. :O

    That will change over time, though. I love being with my family, but I've gotten to the place now that I need input from other folks.

    another koskereader

  3. Knep, I'm so pleased that I inspired you to Blog (which you haven't done for over a week- I am your biggest fan) and that you made me a new word: koskereader. I like it. I will use it in a blog soon :)


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