HELLO! Can you even HEAR me?


I have a fetish. It isn't sexual, but I do get a weird pleasure out of clean ears. I love cleaning mine (and even Jake's... don't ask) and I always notice yours! Recently, there has been an increase in ear wax in Salem, OR. I'm not sure what's going on. Perhaps it's the hot weather that keeps us out of our hot steamy bathrooms. Anyway, it takes all of my will-power to refrain from reaching my pinkie into your ear and getting that nasty wax out! What you do with your ear canal is your business, but the opening and outer ear- that's my business. There's no social etiquette for this, so I keep my mouth shut while I choke back the nausea.

Qtip anyone?

side note: I hope the pic makes you want to hurl. Now you know my pain!


  1. Ha! I have the same fetish! I think we get it from Mom, with her crazy hydrogen-peroxide-in-the-ear-trick. (Have you ever heard of ANYONE else doing that? I haven't!)

    Anyway, Christoph hates me picking into his ears and has more than once called me a chimpanzee with my grooming habits. . .

    Glad to hear that I'm not the only one! But I hear your pain, Jul. Nasty earwax is utterly disgusting!

  2. sick, julie, sick. but i totally agree. you would LOVE my son-he's got the most insane amounts of ear wax. i have to clean his ears all the friggin' time. way more than normal.

  3. i too love cleaning my ears. a swab covered in goo makes me feel so accomplished. have you ever tried ear candling? you really need to, if you enjoy ear-cleaning.

    and don't feel funny for liking to swab your man's ears. i have a confession too - i love, love, LOVE to pop a zit! mine, yours, ANYONE'S!

  4. I will probably now notice other people's ear wax! YUCK!! I with you though I hate having any wax in my ear. I hate when I forget to pack Qtips!! It's hard to imagine that other people don't even realize its there!!

  5. http://health.msn.com/health-topics/articlepage.aspx?cp-documentid=100214367&GT1=31036

    I read this and thought of you...


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