Good morning baby!

This morning I awoke early to babysit for a friend who was fulfilling her civic duty- jury duty. I was more than happy to have a morning of cuddling with Oli. Jake didn't know that Oli would be here, so before he got home from work- I moved the evidence-o-baby from the front door. As he walked in, I walked into the room saying "look what I found!". I'm not clever nor original, but I thought he'd be startled and that's all I really wanted. Instead he smiled and said "look what I found!". He was holding a baby bunny. Thank goodness I foiled his plan- which was to use the bunny to wake me up. If that had happened one of us wouldn't be alive and I'm truly not sure who!

So, now we are the new parents of an adorable albino bunny. We're thinking of naming her Peanut (Pickel and Peanut... sounds nice, eh?). However, we're still open for suggestions!

If you're wondering why we have a bunny... it's a long story that I will summerize here: Jake wants to raise chickens for eggs and meat. Living in a small neighborhood makes that not impossible, but difficult. So, he decided he'd breed rabbits to either sell or eat. Already he is leaning towards selling them because our bunny is SO cute (though she would be the breeder). My only concern (clearly I have lost some sanity if I only have 1!) is whether there is any need for bunnies? Is there a market for them? I don't want to sell them to be eaten... that would be savage!


  1. Awe that’s fun!! Jake is finally starting his farm:) Next thing you know you'll have some elk to tend to!! I wouldn't be able to eat the cute little bunny and kind of figured Jake would change his mind once he got one that was actually a pet:) Plus you've already named it... Good luck with this endeavor!!

  2. Don't you need 2 rabbits to breed 'em? Looks cute, though. Name him SnowyII.
    Love you!


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