For whom the bell tolls

I have now entered my LAST week home. Granted, I will then be at my other home in PA for 2 weeks, but still the finality of my summer vacation is looming. As I leaf through my mental to-do list, I realize that I didn't check many of the items off. 26 years of photographs still sit unorganized, I haven't made a dental or dermatologist appointment, I haven't contacted all of my friends to catch-up, I haven't had many dinner parties... And yet, I feel peaceful, my shoulders feel relaxed, I've discovered that I can put food on the table (almost) every night, and I've had some great vacations. I truly don't know how people can work "regular" jobs and only get 1-3 weeks of vacation a year. I have 3 weeks of vacation left and I'm finally energized and relaxed enough to really soak it up!

BTW, I have now been an Oregonian for over a year! Time flies! It was a great year, lonely at times, but great. My relationship with Jake has continued to grow and every day I think "this must be it- this is how in-love, close and comfortable you can feel with your husband" and the next day I think "nope, today is better." At times we both feel anxious to start a family, move home to PA, buy land, be near our family... but, today I can truly say that I'm living in the present and I'm content.


  1. It sounds like you found your "grace" :)

  2. Live life, Jules! It'll happen fast enought without you having to plan everything! Relax, girl!


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