entitled to own

One of my favorite bloggers (and old friend), Elegantly Random, recently wrote about the pressure our generation feels to own a house and the sense of entitlement that pushes us to do just that. I have been very aware of my generation's misgivings as I have watched every other employed 20-something purchase new cars, electronics, and now homes. Each time a friend posts pics of their gorgeous new home or I get to watch a TV that actually has a remote, I do feel a twinge of self-pity and envy, but then I also feel pride for my resistence. At times, I have been too prideful about it- like how for years Jake and I bragged about owning just one car and then when a deal too sweet to pass up came our way- we switched to a 2-car family quicker than you can say "budget". Now I can't phathom living without it! In fact, though Jake rode his bike 20-miles to work in the winter, it's summer and we don't even consider it. Yes, I am a Gen-Xer/ Millenial.

That being said, I am enjoying my 2-income life. Jake and I are on a really strict budget, but that budget includes "fun money" and "vacation money". We figure that it will be hard to continue working diligently on our goals if it is completely based on self-sacrifice.

So, now that I feel that I have adequately distanced myself from the entitled home-owner, I am ready to admit that I did just purchase my first residence! Oh the excitement.

The other day, Jake and I swung by the NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) campus that he was at a few years ago and purchased one of their used tents. If new, this tent would cost $675! Suffice to say that we spent less than a Ben Franklin on it. But, now I feel a little less envious of my mortgaged peers. Yes, my home has patches and doors that zip, but it's a bad ass mountaineering tent that has a history hidden in it's high quality breathable walls. We don't live in it (yet), but we could weather all 4-seasons in it if we wanted too. It certainly doesn't make up for the money we throw away in rent, but it makes me feel like I own something wonderful and protective and if I wanted to- I could live in it.


  1. Yay! Know you can zip your tent:) I think it's funny that you justified your purchase the same way I did mine. I was like hummm I don't know where I'm going next so I should by a tent! And I did live in it one summer and a good portion of when I lived in Oklahoma so I guess it was justified:) Oh and funny for you to have mentioned the pressures of buying. Grandma Hill called me today b/c the gov't is trying to pass a credit (I believe) for first time home buyers of $7500 to help with a down payment. I still think I'm not ready though!

  2. Now that is a good-looking house. I wouldn't mind coming to visit sometime! :)


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