Creatures of the Night

So after a year of saying I could never do Jake's job 'cause I couldn't work all night... I now have the opportunity (makes it sound better to think of it that way). Last week I worked my first night shift and since no one in Salem felt psychotic that night- it was peaceful from midnight on. I've yet to find out what would happen if I tried to be intelligent and care for people in the middle of the night. Now I just got myself snookered into tomorrow night's shift. It's gonna be a long one 'cause I also work the following afternoon and then have plans to PARTY LIKE IT'S INDEPENDENCE DAY with Shannonanon (friend from PA who is now a Jersey girl) once her plane lands. I'm not the best at coming up with energy when I don't have it. I remember vividly feeling exhausted when I was a camp counselor and then BURSTING with energy during the evening campfires. I have never felt the same since and I think I used up all of my energy reserves during those summers. However, the prospect of spending time with Shannon should be enough to get through the upcoming LONG hours. Plus, working an extra shift will transfer nicely into guilt-free nights of long islands and cosmos. Yes, I plan to pretend that I have a young and fun life while Shannon is in town. Please don't tell her the truth. In fact, tonight I'll finish the last of the Christian Novel Series that my coworker lent me- then I'll hide them where she'll never look! They're preachy, but good- so I've been reading them and HIDING the covers lest anyone sees :) (I think that's the first time I've used the word "lest"- forgive me if I used it incorrectly!)


  1. Haha! No need to pretend you aren't tired tomorrow! I will most likely be exhausted after spending 14.5 hours traveling tomorrow! I don't have the "camp energy" anymore either! I will, however, require you to pretend you have a young fun life... but I'll be pretending right along with you:) Isn't that what vacation is for!? I'll try not to judge you because of your newest series;)

  2. Just wait till you have kids. The night shift thing gets easier. The partying like you're still in college, not so much. Say hey to Shannonigan for me.


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