A wifely duty

Every other week, Jake works 6 night shifts in a row. So, that means he has every other week off... but I'm pretty much on my own during the 6 days he works. Now that it's summer, I have the goal to prepare yummy dinners for him when he's working. We do get to spend 2 hours a day together- and eat dinner right before he leaves for his evening shift. However, I DON'T LIKE TO MAKE DINNER! It's mostly because I'm lazy- I'll admit to that! I love cooking when we have guests, but not for myself or for the two of us. Jake can open a cupboard and find inspiration for quick gourmet meals. I open the cupboard and see cereal and ramen... it's an evil trick someone or something is playing on us.

However, I do see value in the old-timers tradition of a wife preparing a dinner for her bread-winning hubby, putting on a nice outfit and make-up, setting a table, etc. This greatly conflicts with my bed head, no make-up, elastic-waisted style I have quickly adopted for the summer. Yet, life is short and my husband is lovely, 1950s- HERE I COME.

Today I put off thinking about dinner until 3 and by then I already felt productive because I had actually showered! As I was preparing for a quick shopping trip to buy a stand for my new (used) electronic piano, I forced myself to open a cookbook. I opened right to an Oriental Chicken Salad recipe that uses peas- perfect because that's the one thing our garden is producing right now. So, I bought the cabbage (ok, the premade coleslaw mix) and headed to the canned meat aisle. Sounds appetizing already, eh? (sarcasm folks) I quickly scanned for canned chicken (part of my culinary problems stems from the fact that I hate shopping and therefore RUSH through the store in an attempt to escape impulse buys and fluorescent lights). For a brief second I thought my healthy meal was going to be sabotaged due to no canned chicken, but I found it right next to the crab and salmon cake mixes. Hmmm.... salmon patties will make a great side to my Oriental Chicken Salad.

Jake is an honest fellow- a good trait most of the time, however I do get a little disheartened each time he brainstorms improvements on my cooking. Today was different. He took a bite and declared it in his top 10 all-time favorite meals. In fact, he said he could eat this dish EVERY DAY! Score, I'll make it once a week this summer- that's a promise! Then he said, "I think it would be good with chicken too." "It IS chicken", I replied while pausing slightly over the strange texture of the chicken in my mouth. He burst out laughing and asked me if I bought "Chicken of the sea". WTF... why do they make the word CHICKEN the largest thing on a can of TUNA?

Ah, Chef Julie is foiled again! By the way, the salmon patties turned out perfect.


  1. I laughed out loud! Haha! Good point though, why do they make Chicken the largest word on a can of Tuna?

  2. that's awesome. take it you're not usually a tuna eater?

    welcome to the blogosphere!

  3. ha ha ha. That is SO a Julie-ism!

  4. This is very much like you, Jules.
    I can relate. :|

  5. Never in my life would I have thought that I'd be able to compare you to Jessica Simpson. My friend, she made the same mistake. All I can say is...wow. HA!


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