Where's Heloise?

HELP! I'm doing laundy on this hot hot hot Oregon day. I wash the clothes, dry them for 10 minutes and then hang them to dry- you're very welcome Mother Earth. Though today is not the first day I've noticed this problem, with a load of black pants and hospital scrubs- it's time that I acknowledge the problem. The clothes are COVERED in cat hair! I'm talking winter in Russia fur covered clothing! I bought a really crappy and old washer and dryer from Craigslist when we moved here. Can something be done? Do I have to buy new stuff?


  1. What about cleaning the filters? Do you think it's really something to do with your washer and dryer, or the cat? ;-)
    And- if it's so hot and dry in Oregon, why do you still use the dryer for 10 minutes? Mother Earth might just love you even more for skipping it all together.
    love you,

  2. WHERE IS THE FILTER? But the 10 minutes make everything fluffy Dear Scratchy Towel Sista :)


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