Target is lovely

In the words of Jake "you like Target because it is lovely". HA! Yes, it sounded funny coming out of his mouth. Lovely is currently my favorite word- so I'm glad to see that he picked up on that. However, I never considered Target lovely, but I can see Jake's point. It's true that when I force myself to shop- I usually choose Target. It's clean, airy, inexpensive and all wrapped up in cute little packages. Today I bought a few items for my library. I'm trying to make it look less dorm, more gardeny (this word should exist) without really spending money. As I sit here surrounded by green pillows, a green cat window seat (made with a wine box), a green planter- I realize that I've Grandma flopped. I went from being like Grandma Krumich and buying everything in blue to realizing that I need to branch out on the rainbow and therefore switched to buying everything in green (Grandma Orris's favorite color). I'm ok with that. The colors are lovely.

For the record, I think most of Target's stuff is pretty cheaply made. It's basically meant for people to use for a season and then move on- I guess not the appliances and dishes, but most everything else. However, I like to one stop shop- strip malls are horrid! So, in an effort to boycott Walmart- I go to Target. Still a monopoly, but according to many it is much less evil than Walmart. Plus, Walmart is dirty, they wear ugly outfits (I like Target's red shirts with khakis), and something about the tight aisles and lights makes me cranky!

Update on my 1950s dinner goal: Today I really felt in the swing of it. I put a roast in the crock pot at noon (with a blue cheese marinade that we had used previously- no prep work for me!), cut up sweet potatoes and made baked fries, made a salad (we get a HUGE head from the Farmer' Market every week for $1.50!) and followed dinner up with the fresh raspberries in jello that I made the other night. I spent probably 15 minutes total prepping this meal and when we were done eating, the kitchen was still fairly tidy! UNBELIEVABLE! If I keep this up, I will be ready for life as a sitcom mom!


  1. I agree 100% about Target vs. Walmart! I can spend hours walking around Target and not get bored or anxious. But at Walmart I'm completely overwhelmed! I agree its probably b/c of the yucky outfits and dirty floors/shelves. The lights and industrial type ceilings also make me crazy! Plus I can never find a parking space! I also enjoy the "one stop shop" aspect of Target as well. When I lived in Texas they had Super Targets which I really miss! I could do all of my grocery shopping while I waited for my prescription!

  2. Shannon lived in Texas? I missed that one. . . But I want to put my two cents here about Target:
    I've never really spent much time in a Target. They became big as I was leaving the continental US. But I have to admit: Their website is splendid! :-)
    Thanks, Jul, for my birthday present from Target. I can't wait to snuggle in my new bamboo (?) sheets!
    Love you!


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