It began when Jake proposed to me at Idlewild Amusement Park located 5 minutes from his father's house in Ligonier, PA. We were in love- mostly with each other, but also the park, the day, life... Since then "Idlewild" has been our motto (A motto -from the Italian word motto, meaning witticism, sentence- is a phrase meant to formally describe the general motivation or intention of a social group or organization. ).

It now perfectly describes my summer. IDLE: Hours spent surfing the web, checking numerous social sites (facebook, blogs, myspace, what other band wagons can I jump on?), checking mama sites (I'm optimistic about that possibility in my distant future), watching internet tv. Hours spent plucking weeds from my gardens and pretending that I know how to prune rose bushes. Hours running/walking around neighborhoods making silent critiques of homes and yards. Hours dreaming about upcoming summer adventures. Hours attempting to remaster (did I ever master it in the first place?) the piano. WILD: Life with Jake! Driving to jumping off points for hikes, camp sites, hot springs, climbs, water trips, city excursions. Dreaming of our future and what it might entail. The status of our garden even though we tend it diligently. My part-time job at the Psychiatric Crisis Center.

So, here it is- my own blog. Those of you that have blogs, if I know of it- I probably check it 3-7 times a week. It's weird, but I do. So, I'll do a little posting and see if I enjoy writing my own thoughts as much as I enjoy reading yours.

side note: the flower was my all-time favorite. When we moved into our house- there were HUGE vines covered in the Passion Flower. This winter, the vine died. It took YEARS grow as big as it did and the year I'm here eagerly anticipating it's arrival- kerplunk :(


  1. I'm sad about your flower too:( It was beautiful! But the good news is you guys have a green thumb so I'm sure that your additions will be appriciated by future occupents too! I was bummed because early in the spring there were a bunch of tulips in my front yard then the guys came to mow the lawn and mowed them over! I guess they weren't in a "garden" but they could have mowed around them for another month!


Oh how I L.O.V.E. comments! Thanks for taking a walk on the (koskersidle)WILD side :)