The girl I am not

I hate to admit it, but

I am not a multi-pitch climber. I am not a long distance runner. I am not living in a perfect house with perfect decorations and perfectly filled with meaningless stuff. I am not a culinary goddess. Hell, I am not a goddess. I am not going to look perfect- ever. I am not going to fight my body. I am not ignorant nor inexperienced though I have run into more than my share of ageism this year (hello! don't you SEE all my white hair???). I am not going to spend money on fleeting styles (organic and adventure wear does not count). I am not going to fake interest. I am not full of never ending energy. I am not a pushover. I am not trying to be that girl anymore!


  1. ooh. I can't wait to read your blogs. Welcome to this world- especially since YOU introduced me to it! ;-) Finally got your own!

    And great starter blog.
    love you!

  2. Julie, I'm so excited to read your blogs. I am so jealous of you for living in Oregon - I've never even been there and I can't explain it but I feel like I should be living there! I feel a calling!


  3. I love your first blog! I love you for everything you just discribed! :)


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